23 September 2008

get your talons off me you flat chested temptress

I have not owned a TV since 2002.  By choice. And it was working for me.  More time to read, sleep, clean, socialize, dream, brainstorm, live.  I would watch movies on my laptop when the desire struck, in case you're wondering.

Until about June 1, 2007:
Rebs & I got our first apartment together. The move-in bonus for this place was a huge, flat screen, wall mounted TV.

My reaction to this news:
Can we get cheaper rent if we don't want it?

Rebs reaction:
Are you KIDDNG??? We WANT it!

And now we have it.  I have to admit watching movies on a screen that is bigger than a notebook is awesome.   Facial expressions do improve actor performances. All was going well. Rebs & I decided not to get cable & to only use the TV for movies & Mario Party.

But then:

JJ (our neighbors) lent me Season 1 of Ugly Betty.  

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? WHAT WAS I THINKING? I know how I am. I know how addictive I can get.  And having a whole season of a TV show at my fingertips after such a long hiatus is like giving a famine survivor a Trader Joe's gift card & a loft above the frickin store.

But really I think famine survivors should get this & I would like to give it to them.  I do not think I should get back into TV watching.

It's not like I haven't fallen off the trolley before. There was the Season 1 of Lost incident where Rebs & I didn't sleep for about 3 weeks after my old roommate hooked us up. Having a whole season at your fingertips really is like crack. Especially these shows that end each episode with a cliff hanger. 

Or do all TV shows do that? 

On purpose?

That's so devious! AND obvious now that I think about it.

Thank God, Rebs gave up all TV viewing for Lent that year & that snapped us out of it. (This was back when he was living in a TV'd house.) 

Please, Lord, help me. I want my life back.

15 September 2008

looks like

andi looks like any young healthy rhesus monkey.

This is the first sentence that come sup when I googled the phrase "Andi looks like..."
Sounds about right.

13 September 2008

a gifty to my readers, do I have any readers???

when you are feeling down about:

the world
the environment
the Man
the economy
or your hair (no? just me?)

watch this & LOVE IT!

08 September 2008

i am so grateful

that the person whom I share a parking cubby with (garage-ish thing for 2 cars) at our new apartment doesn't care than I am a crappy parker.

Or maybe he/she does care.

In that case I'm glad that he/she doesn't complain or confront me about it because God knows, I hate confrontation & my main goal in life is to be liked by all.

I know this is an unreasonable main goal in life. 

But still I do hates the confrontations.