23 April 2009

high jinx???

i hope not!

credit: lifted from their facebook page. I always forget to take pictures.

22 April 2009

it's quite fun

for me to check out what everyone is reading as I walk through the aisle of a plane.

The best was two summer ago when everyone was reading the last Harry Potter book & everyone wanted to talk about it without giving anything away. It was like a nation-wide community builder.

I wish we could have more of those. 

What do ya'll want to read this summer?

10 April 2009


I was driving very early this morning & heard about how they're offering a $100,000 reward for information on who cut the fiber optics cable yesterday downing all of AT&T phones line.  And I think to myself, 

"I should tell them who did it! We could really use $100,000." 

Totally ignoring the fact that I have no idea who cut the fiber optics cable yesterday.

So apparently I'm going into the Harriet the Spy biz. 

Any leads would be appreciated.



while he's away, part II

I think to myself,

"I can't even sleep without him!"

Then I roll to the middle of the bed & think,
"Oh, nevermind."


08 April 2009

while he's away

Rebs called tonight, here's a sample conversation:

Me: (whining) I miss you. (dramatically) I can't remember what you look like, what you smell like, what you feel like...

Him: (interrupting) Look at a picture.

Me: Damn! You're pretty!

It's true, check it.

06 April 2009

this is me

My great grandma, who I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with when I was little, & whose legacy is my tendency towards worry, used to grab me tightly as we approached an escalator & re-tell me the story of a girl who got sucked under the stairs because of a loose pant-leg or untied shoe.  

I'm a still scared of these things! 

I try to play it cool when approaching them but my feet alway hesitate before taking the first step causing a traffic jam. It's a bit like the scene from Elf when Will Ferrell first encounters an escalator.  Rebs usually laughs at me & pushes me forward before I'm ready, making my heart stop. And if I'm wearing heels I clutch him as if he's my life preserver in the middles of shark-infested waters.

What are your irrational fears?

05 April 2009


  • Even though you have the memory of a rather older man.
  • Even though you daily leave your accoutrements scattered across our bathroom counter.
  • Even though you are a crabby stress monkey when facing a big retreat.
  • Even though you don't let me put my icy feet under you in bed.
  • Even though you don't consider chips & salsa a complete meal.
  • Even though you don't let me win at dominoes.
  • Even though you make fun of my midwestern accent.
  • Even though your favorite movies list includes Armageddon.
  • Even though you make me stick to my Lenten resolution even when I don't want to.
  • Even though your laundry is gigantic which makes doing it a much more difficult chore.
  • Even though you do not think heaven is a sunny day spent lying on a beach.
  • Even though sometimes you ask me to stop singing.
  • Even though you listen to sports talk radio.
  • Even though you won't wear the awesome Nigerian soccer jacket I picked out just for you. (Yes, I know you're white.)
  • Even though you haven't read all the books I'd like to you to.
  • Even though you don't share my open minded view on $2 wine.
  • Even though you make me do things I'm scared of.
  • Even though you go to work everyday instead of just hanging out with me like I ask.
  • Even though you have prettier hair than I do.
  • Even though you make really, really lame puns.
  • Even though you haven't given me a copy of the new Brett Dennen album yet.
  • Even though you have really bad taste in greeting cards.
  • Even though you are not as easily amused by the following: small children, animals, parades, romantic comedies, & fireworks.
  • Even though you spent 7 hours yesterday conquering the Rubik's cube.

I love you.
Actually, it's because of all those things. 

04 April 2009

my hands

smell like potato.  Tonight I attempted to make potato pancakes without a mix using this recipe from Real Simple. It was NOT successful. They were neither very potato-y, or pancake-y or even good-tasting. This couldn't have anything to do with the fact that I didn't measure anything or that I added ingredients, could it? No, seriously I think it was just a junky recipe.  We didn't make the lamb b/c generally we don't buy meat, too much work.

Honestly, I just shared this because I wanted another entry under the label "smelly".

did i?

ever bake bread? Yes, yes I did.  I made honey- wheat & it turned out pretty great. It wasn't perfect, I think it should have been a bit lighter & fluffier. I'm sure this was a kneading problem since I've never done it before.  Still, it was delicious, especially when it first came out of the oven & it made our house smell awesome.  I'll definitely be trying again soon. 

03 April 2009

hundred day

so that last post was my 100th. I wanted my 100th one to be intentional, momentous but then I couldn't resist writing about the Outrage (which is how I'll refer to it for at least a day).

Remember Hundred Day in elementary school? 
On the one hundredth day of school everyone is supposed to bring in one hundred somethings; beads, toy cars, gumballs, feathers, baseball cards, cookies, whatever. Back them a hundred seemed like a huge number. Since then a hundred seems to expand & shrink depending on the situation: $100 in fees from overdrawing my checking account??? Big & sucky, but a hundred pink & red balloons to fill Andy's room a few Valentines days ago? Not nearly enough, piddlin' really. So, back to the party store. A hundred wedding guests? Not enough! A hundred teens at a youth event? Not enough adults! A hundred blog entries?  A drop in the blogosphere.

Really nowadays I feel like that's the case with so many things: days can seem like they last forever while a whole year flies by.  

Meanwhile, today I feel like Lent is lingering a bit longer than I would choose but I console myself with the thought that it's not even a hundred days.

are you kidding me????

I am furious! I just saw a media piece debating whether or not this ant-domestic violence ad with Keira Knightly in it is too violent or shocking. That is a completely senseless debate! How dare someone in the media suggest that we shouldn't show an act of violence in order to bring awareness about violence against women???  The media is filled with those same images, & much more grotesque ones, simply for entertainment purposes. 

Perhaps an ad that is shocking & is followed by actual information & resources about domestic violence will make someone actually care about it rather than just callously viewing it as a thrilling addition to another plot line that glories & glamorizes violence.

Outrage, sheer outrage.